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Help for Stroke was founded by three-time stroke survivor, Richard Horton in 2013. Unexpectedly in August 2011, after suffering two strokes, Richard found himself at a crossroads. Unable to walk, speak, and effectively communicate in any way, he evaluated his condition and ability to fully recover. Although he knew it would be a long road and effort, he choose to put aside his current condition and persevere to full recovery. It challenged him to explore his brain in new ways requiring him to change his diet, relearn walking, how to speak, and maintain a positive outlook on his future despite the circumstance.


In and out of hospitals for several months, Richard learned the problems in his own life that put him face to face with stroke. He learned consistent high blood pressure for an extended period of years was the catalyst to that day in 2011. Through his relationship with Christ, and support of family and friends, he began his path to recovery. Working with a team of doctors and educators, Richard found how much he could have done to prevent his stroke.


As he continued to recover, he has naturally become passionate about stroke prevention. Prior to the stroke Richard worked as an insurance broker for over 20 years. He also managed and worked with world renowned jazz artists to the tune of Paul Jackson, Jr., Doc Powell, Kirk Whalum, Ron Brown, Huge Groove, Bobby Lyle and Oleta Adams, to name a few. Having come from an insurance and musical background, he is shaping the organization to be one of inspiration through music and health education.


December 2023, Richard suffered an ischemic stroke and is currently recovering. Click here to support his recovery process.


We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a mission to prevent strokes and the recurrence of strokes by providing access to stroke prevention education, and support to stroke survivors and their caregivers.

Founded by a stroke survivor, HFS provides valuable stroke‐related nutritional and lifestyle education, and healthcare information. HFS also promotes stroke awareness through forums and public events.

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